Our Philosophy


"It's not the period, It's the piece." 


That quote typifies who we are and what we strive for in our pursuit of timeless treasures of design.

Saarinen, Eames, Baughman, McCobb, and Knoll are some of the masters of modern design, and we constantly search out their work.

But, our aesthetic does not end there. We believe that simplicity of design and the finest materials available are the elements that create a piece that will stand the test of time. That is the challenge. Finding and creating those "Gems", not just an object, but a conversation piece to be appreciated and loved for generations.

Whether the piece is from Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, or created by our own design team and manufactured in our facility in Connecticut the one constant element that runs through the grain of everything we touch is Integrity. That integrity does not end there. Every conversation, every issue, every sample sent, every shipment made reflects that mind set.

We never lose sight of our mission. To deliver a piece of furniture and a pleasant, rewarding experience, both to be valued for years to come.