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Chrome "Mushroom" Poufs

The most versatile piece in any living space; "poufs" are elegant additions and very much objects of sculpture in their own right. The Montage Workroom was quite inspired by vintage Brueton chromed steel drums and with them we've created stunning poufs topped with luxurious velvet. Each cushion is hand crafted for these stunning bases, fully upholstered construction with Velvet in Navy. The result became elegant "Mushroom" poufs which are as functional as they are beautiful.

The cushions feature a circular extruded bottom which fit securely into each chrome base, preventing any shifting and ensuring stability. The bases are equipped with 4 adjustable levelers for effortless installation into any space. Should you need a swatch of the Velvet used on these pieces, or have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

Creator Montage Edit, 2018

Material Velvet in Navy & Chromed Steel

Size 18W x 18D x 16H

Condition Excellent. Minor wear on vintage Brueton bases.

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